Enhancement to BPOINT payment options

From next week, customers receiving a tax invoice through the Finance System will be able to pay their outstanding amount through BPOINT online and BPOINT phone payment.

To use the phone payment option, the customer and invoice numbers need to be entered as numeric only.  The tax invoice will be changed to reflect this.

There will be a transition period for tax invoices generated prior to the change where a customer may enter the alphanumeric characters at the start of the customer and invoice numbers which will cause the transaction to decline.  Revenue in Financial Services are the contact point on the Tax Invoice, however should you receive any queries of this nature, simply advise the customer to enter only the numeric component.

With the added flexibility and choice of the phone payment option, there should be no requirement for staff to make payments through BPOINT on behalf of a customer.  If you believe there is reason for doing so, please contact Leena Brij, PCI Compliance Officer, so that the impact on the University’s compliance to PCI DSS can be reviewed accordingly.

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