Compliance Matters

Financial Services recently appointed a new compliance officer, Lisa O’Leary to the Operations area.

Two areas of focus for Lisa will be the review of practices within Cash Receipting Locations in accordance with the Invoicing & Receipting Procedures and the raising of purchase orders for goods and services in accordance with the Purchasing and Outgoing Payments Procedures. Both of these areas were matters raised by the Auditor-General in his management report for 2014.

The compliance officer role is also responsible for reviewing reimbursements before they are paid. The review of reimbursements has identified a need to provide clarity regarding the reasonableness of reimbursable transactions and the documentation required to support transactions. To provide this guidance a reimbursement procedure is currently being developed and will be distributed shortly for consultation prior to its implementation.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa O’Leary directly or Sara Edwards, Team Leader, Financial Operations.


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