Need to purchase something? Attend an eProcurement training workshop

eProcurement Training Workshops

Facilitated by the IT Training Team along with a Service Support Officer (SSO) from the Finance & Procurement Team, eProcurement training workshops will be running from July to September.  The workshop will provide users with support completing an order (Requisition) in the Finance System, either as a new user or staff requiring refresher training.

The workshops are currently scheduled for:

  • 19 July – Wednesday @ 9:30am
  • 31 July – Monday @ 2pm
  • 15 August – Tuesday @ 9am
  • 31 August – Thursday @ 2pm
  • 11 September – Monday @ 11am
  • 27 September – Wednesday @ 2:30pm

Book in through the Course Booking system at the following link:

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