Finance & Procurement Services will be closed from Thursday 17th December 2020 and re-open in the new year on Monday 11th January 2021.  During the extended close down period, there will be no processing of financial transactions including Requisitions, reimbursements or payments to suppliers.

Please note the following key processing dates leading up to the financial year end, and instructions for reassigning financial approvals / worklist items whilst on leave (outside the extended close down period).

Financial Systems

The Finance System (inc. eProcurement) will be unavailable from 5pm Thursday 17th December 2020 until 8am Monday 11th January 2021.

Externally hosted systems such as Kofax and the Expense Management System can still be accessed but resulting financial transactions in the University’s Finance system will not be processed until the new year.

ORBIT can still be accessed but will only reflect data up to and including Thursday 17th December 2020.  Cognos will be unavailable from 5pm Thursday 17th December 2020 until Monday 11th January 2021.

Key Processing Dates

Billings Requests

2020 Billing requests must be submitted to Revenue Accounting by 5pm, Wednesday 16th December 2020 for processing.  Where a Billing request relates to both 2020 and 2021, please clearly identify the split of income on the Billing request.  Processing of Billing requests relating to 2021 income will commence on Thursday 14th January 2021.


The University 2020 General Ledger close is 5pm, Monday 18th January 2021.  Please contact your Faculty / Divisional contact should you require a journal in 2020 after this date.

Purchasing & Receipting

Consideration should be given to the timing of raising Requisitions and the expectation of delivery prior to the extended close down period.  Delivery of goods are dependent on individual suppliers, freight and courier services that may be further impacted under the current circumstances.

The last day for external deliveries to the Badger Building (North Terrace) and WIC Building (Waite Campus) is Wednesday 16th December 2020.  Staff expecting a delivery in other parts of the University should check directly with the relevant receiving area.

All goods delivered must be receipted in eProcurement by Thursday 17th December 2020 or prior to going on leave.

2020 Invoices

2020 dated invoices processed by Accounts Payable by close of business Friday 15th January 2021, for goods or services incurred in 2020, will be accrued i.e. come out of the 2020 budget.

What is an accrual?

For 2020 calendar year end, an accrual is where expenses are recorded in 2020 (i.e. comes out of 2020 budget) regardless if the payment is made in 2021. Accruals are based on invoices sent to Accounts Payable, reimbursements and Other Payments submitted via Kofax. A final faculty/division accrual assessment will also occur to enable an accrual of material expenditure not identified through the above systems.

If you are unsure if your invoice will be accrued in 2020, please contact your local Faculty / Divisional finance team.

In relation to capital assets, the cost will not come out of the 2020 budget if the following two conditions have not been met by 31 December 2020:

  • receipting of all payments against purchase orders in the e-Procurement system – noting the receipting deadline is Thursday 17th December
  • the capital asset(s) must be installed and ready for use (or already in use) – noting delivery schedules may be impacted due to current circumstances

Approvals whilst on leave

Financial Approvers and Business Reviewers, taking additional leave outside of the extended close down period (i.e. Friday 18th December to Friday 8th January inclusive) must reassign their approvals / worklist items to another staff member.  To do this, please follow the instructions below:

Financial Approvers (both options will update in the Finance System and Kofax)
  1. temporarily transfer your financial approvals to another staff member by completing the Temporary Delegation Transfer eform (you can also transfer HR / SSO delegations via this form)  OR;
  2. set up an Alternate User directly in the Finance System, noting that the “alternate user” must have an equal or higher level of financial delegation.
Business Reviewers in Kofax
Travel & Acquittal Approvers in the Expense Management System
  • to initiate a temporary transfer of approvals, please email the Expense Management Team specifying your requirements.

Have further questions?

Please contact Finance & Procurement Services on (08) 8313 3414 or via email

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