PeopleSoft Finance and Okta Integration – please clear your cache

As part of the University’s ongoing Cyber Security upgrade, PeopleSoft Finance has now been added to the suite of systems with Okta Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

From Tuesday May 25, 2021, when you log into PS Finance you will be prompted to verify your identity through Okta MFA.

You will need to clear your cache.  If you are unsure how to do this on your preferred browser, please follow the guides below or contact the ITDS Service Desk.


You may also be prompted to re-login if you time-out, or reopen a closed browser.

Most people would have already set up an Okta MFA profile, and so signing in to PS Finance should be straight forward.

However, if you have not yet set up an Okta MFA profile please go here, follow the prompts and create a profile. Please remember that you will need to access PS Finance via VPN (using DUO) for those working remotely.

If you have any concerns, or are not able to successfully create an Okta MFA profile, please contact

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