UVM Food Systems Summit Keynote Q&A with Rachel Ankeny

2015 UVM Food Systems SummitProfessor Rachel Ankeny, convener of the Food Values Research Group, will be a keynote speaker at the 2016 University of Vermont Food Systems Summit, June 14-15. The summit will explore the central question “What makes food good?”

In advance of her keynote, Rachel spoke with the UVM Food Systems Initiative about multidisciplinary food studies, GMOs, food ethics, and what makes “good food”. “From my personal point of view, food is ultimately social—good food is that which is shared with others in some sense, even when you are eating on your own,” Rachel explained. “I fear that a form of elitism has been creeping into our popular ideas of “good food,’”which is very dangerous and potentially exclusionary, and I want to push back against that whenever possible.”

Read the full interview on the UVM Food Feed blog.

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