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Mindless Meat Eating: A Seminar with Dr Carolyn Semmler

For our May seminar, the Food Values Research Group is pleased to present: Mindless Meat Eating: The Role of Cognitive Dissonance and Negative Emotions in the Consumption of Animals Dr Carolyn Semmler, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of Adelaide We consume animals and yet also state that we love, respect and care for them. […]

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Food Values Seminar with Prof Rachel Ankeny and Dr Heather Bray, April 19, 2017

For the second Food Values Research Group Seminar of 2017, we are pleased to present two talks from the leaders of our research group: Designer babies, human-pig chimeras, and mosquitos: How gene editing is being made public in Australia Dr Heather Bray, Senior Research Fellow,¬†School of Humanities, University of Adelaide Gene editing is a term […]

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