Why do people keep backyard chooks? A new project in the Food Values Research Group

We're seeking (human) participants for our project on backyard chooks

We’re seeking (human) participants for our project on backyard chooks

The Food Values Research Group are currently seeking participants in a new project which aims to understand why people keep chickens, and document related attitudes to, and associated values with having chickens as part of their lives in urban and peri-urban home settings.

The welfare of chickens in commercial egg and meat production has been an increasing concern for some consumers, and is particularly evident in the increased availability and uptake of free range eggs. There is some indication that such concerns have encouraged some consumers in Australian cities to keep their own chickens and keeping backyard chickens in urban environments has seen a resurgence and is predicted to increase in the near future. However, little is understood about why Australian households in urban environments choose to keep backyard chickens, whether and/or where people seek information about keeping chickens, and whether these practices may be linked to concerns about animal welfare or other issues in commercial production settings.

We are seeking people (over 18) who live in the greater metropolitan area of Adelaide, and who keep backyard chickens, to participate in an interview or focus group about keeping backyard chickens. To register your interest in participating, please contact us at

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