Reducetarian: Making peace between meat-eaters and vegetarians | Featuring Dr Heather Bray

Few divides seem as unbridgeable as that between vegans and meat-eaters. However, a recent movement known as the “reducetarian” diet aims to do precisely this. GoodFood’s Paula Goodyer recently spoke to Brian Kateman, who spearheads this movement, and Food Values Research Group’s Dr Heather Bray, on how we might begin to build bridges and reduce our meat intake for the sake of our health, the environment, and animal welfare.

Have a read of what they had to say, and try out a couple of recipes from Kateman’s new Reducetarian Cookbook, at the GoodFood blog.

“If we want to reach the goal of eating fewer animal foods for the sake of the planet, for animal welfare and our own health, we’ll get there faster if we work together – or at least not undermine one another.”

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