About us

The Food Values Research Group at the University of Adelaide is undertaking research projects that explore the historical, social, cultural, and political aspects of food production and consumption.

For more information go to the Food Values Research Group website. You can follow our research and join the conversation on social media with #foodvaluesrg, or email us at


Upcoming Events for 2018
June 6th Georgina Drew, Anthropology (University of Adelaide) “In the Land of Milk and Yogurt, We Don’t Want Coca-Cola”: Gandhi-Inspired Moral Ecologies of Rural Development in India
August 1st Eva Kemps, Psychology (Flinders University) Chocolate, chips, and pizza: It’s just so hard to say ‘no’
September 5th Sinead Golley, Post Doctoral Research Fellow (CSIRO Health & Biosecurity) Food avoidance in Australia: why are so many of us going gluten-free?
October 3rd Lisa Smithers, Paediatric Public Health (University of Adelaide) Food advertising on TV: the picture in SA
November 7th Paula Zito, Law (University of Adelaide) Regional branding of food products and food Geographical Indications