Public perceptions of agriculture: What influences consumer choice?

I was recently invited to be the keynote speaker at Hart Field Day and I’ve been asked to share my presentation. It was a great opportunity to speak to so many growers and definitely the best view I’ve ever had for a talk! Thank you to the Hart Field Day Board for giving me the opportunity to […]

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Hey Melbourne! What do you think of farm animal welfare?

Rearchers from the Food Values Research Group are heading to Melbourne next week to conduct interviews and focus groups for the Australian Research Council Linkage Project “Getting to the Meat of the Matter: Social and Economic Issues in Animal Welfare in Australia’s Livestock Industry”. We are interested in what meat consumers think about the welfare […]

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Talking about public understanding of science with Victoria Country Hour

Today I spoke with Warwick Long from ABC Rural’s Victoria Country Hour about why people seem to pick and choose different aspects of science to accept or reject. For example, why do some people accept the idea of anthropogenic climate change but reject the idea that genetically-modified foods are safe, or vice versa. The discussion was […]

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New study: How happy are Aussies to eat insects?

Researchers from the Food Values Research Group are part of a research team led by Associate Professor Kerry Wilkinson, from the University’s School of Agriculture, Food and Wine investigating consumer perceptions and attitudes to eating insects. This project will investigate consumers’ perceptions and attitudes towards a range of edible insects (for example crickets, mealworms, ants and […]

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Need ‘social’ in the Food Science and Research Priority

Recently Prof Rachel Ankeny contributed to a commentary on the Science and Research Priorities announced by the Federal Government. The commentary, “Australia has a big role to play in feeding the world” published in The Conversation, offers a range of perspectives on the Food priority. In her section, Rachel highlights the need to see agriculture […]

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Superfoods in the news

By Jessica Loyer Many Australian consumers think about superfoods as a group of healthy food products with characteristics of both foods and medicines. But as these distinctive foods gain increasing popularity worldwide, the fact that superfoods are also agricultural products embedded in global production and consumption networks becomes more and more significant. In a recent […]

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Talking with the dairy and grains industries

  Dr Heather Bray from the Food Values Research Group recently presented at two industry forums: the Dairy Research Foundation Symposium at the University of Sydney’s Camden Campus, and the Future Farming Forum organised by the Australian Biotechnology Council of Australia at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus. At the Dairy Research Foundation Symposium, Heather […]

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Plant breeder

Sharing the Table: A Workshop Exploring Agriculture’s Social Licence to Operate

Agriculture’s ‘social licence to operate’ is based on the idea that farmers can run their businesses in a fairly free manner without extensive regulation or government controls, because their operations are based on values shared with the broader public. Originally used in the oil industry, the term is gaining traction within the agricultural sector to […]

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