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Special Seminar on Cultures of Modern Cheese with Bronwen and Francis Percival

The Food Values Research Group is excited to host UK authors and cheese scholars Bronwen and Francis Percival for a special seminar on Monday, 19 March 2018. All welcome! Reinventing the Wheel: Starter Cultures and the Making of Modern Cheese Bronwen Percival, Cheese Buyer for Neal’s Yard Dairy, London, and Francis Percival, writer for The World of Fine […]

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Vegan Food and Eating Vegan in Adelaide: A Seminar with Julie Cartlidge and Ellen Scott

For the Food Values Research Group’s first seminar of 2018, we present a joint talk featuring the work of two advanced postgraduate students in Cultural Studies at the University of South Australia. Vegan Food and Eating Vegan in Adelaide Ms Julie Cartlidge and Ms Ellen Scott, PhD Candidates, School of Creative Industries, University of South Australia […]

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Food Values Seminar with Prof Rachel Ankeny and Dr Heather Bray, April 19, 2017

For the second Food Values Research Group Seminar of 2017, we are pleased to present two talks from the leaders of our research group: Designer babies, human-pig chimeras, and mosquitos: How gene editing is being made public in Australia Dr Heather Bray, Senior Research Fellow, School of Humanities, University of Adelaide Gene editing is a term […]

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Selective Eating and (Dis)Trust in Food: A Seminar with Claude Fischler

For the first Food Values Research Group Seminar of 2017, we are pleased to present: Selective Eating and (Dis)Trust in Food Professor Claude Fischler, Senior Investigator, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Claude Fischler is a French social scientist (sociology, anthropology) senior investigator with CNRS, the French National Science Center and a former director of the […]

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What if Ennis and Jack had fished? A Seminar with Professor John Coveney

For the October Food Values Research Group Seminar, we are pleased to present: What if Ennis and Jack had fished? Brokeback Mountain revisited for commensality, companionship and conviviality. Professor John Coveney, Flinders University The book and movie, Brokeback Mountain, provides readers and viewers with the development of a love story between two men, Ennis del […]

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Food Values Research Group in Hobart

The increasing prominence of food politics and visibility of formerly ‘marginal’ food practices provided a focal point for the diversity of issues, from ethical consumption and alternative food networks to food culture in the digital age, addressed by speakers at the ‘Food Politics: From the Margins to the Mainstream’ conference in Hobart on 30 June […]

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Creative City Madness: A Seminar with Jean Duruz

For the September Food Values Research Group Seminar, we are pleased to present: Creative City Madness: Food Trucks and Cultures of Entrepreneurialism Dr. Jean Duruz, University of South Australia This presentation reflects on the recent introduction of “boutique” food trucks to Adelaide’s streets as a state-sponsored strategy for creating “a more vibrant public realm”. To […]

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Understanding Consumer Attitudes to the Use of Genetic Modification

Speaking to delegates from industry, researchers, and investors at the Ag & Foodtech Symposium in Brisbane, Professor Rachel Ankeny explained that the future of genetic modification must include dialogue and debate with the public. Drawing upon the Food Values Research Group’s extensive research, Rachel explained that people’s concerns about GM are not just (or mainly) about […]

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Smoothies as Talismans: The Allure of Superfoods and the Dangers of Nutritional Primitivism

Superfoods are everywhere these days. Once found only in niche health food shops, displays of “exotic” superfoods like açai from the Brazilian Amazon and maca from the Peruvian Andes now appear in supermarket chains, chemists, and convenience stores. One can hardly open a newspaper or magazine without coming across a list of the top superfoods […]

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Foodies and ethics – Prof Rachel Ankeny featured on “The Philosopher’s Zone”

Prof Rachel Ankeny from the Food Values Research Group and Department of History at the University of Adelaide recently appeared on Radio National’s “The Philosopher’s Zone” discussing food ethics. The program begins with an interview with philospher Susan Wolf and her defence of ‘foodies’. She argues that an interest in food, and an enjoyment of food […]

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