First meeting of the Alliance of Gender Scholars

Last Friday members of the Alliance of Gender Scholars met in the staff club to share our research interests, and to explore ideas on how to build and support each others scholarly endeavours. There was a lot of enthusiasm and I was so pleased to see people sharing their knowledge – ‘have you thought about this …’, and ‘have you read …’ ?

Our next meeting is Friday 10th July 3 pm in the staff club, level 4 Union House. We’ll be listening to and discussing Kathy’s work on care, love and intimacy, and Ashlee’s work on the gendered dimensions of interviewing (in particular, a young woman interviewing men about parenting).

We’d like to extend an open invitation to established academics to come and support the alliance if they wish to, or join the alliance for drinks at 4 pm.

Below are some of the Alliance members and their research projects:

Julia Law (CHURP) I’m a research Assistant at the Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning. Currently my work involves interviewing older people, some of whom have identified as isolated and lonely. I plan to write some articles later this year on the findings from this research. My most recent publication, where I was second author is titled: D.Faulkner and J. Law. “The ‘unnecessary’use of emergency departments by older people: findings from hospital data, hospital staff and older people.” Australian Health Review (2015). Last year I worked on a BA Honours project, in the area of hoarding and squalor. I am toying with the idea of applying to do a PhD to further my research interest in this area. I’m not sure yet! It is a delight to be involved in the Alliance and to meet such interesting scholars. We had such a stimulating discussion at the first meeting and their input helped me on some aspects of my current research.

Ashlee Borgkvist (Discipline of Public Health) I’m a current PhD candidate within the Discipline of Public Health. My research aims to investigate men’s uptake of flexible work policies, and how men who are utilising these policies construct their masculine identities in relation to work and family. My research also has a focus on workplace culture and how this may encourage or impede men’s use of flexible work policies. One of my primary aims is to understand what factors are important in men’s use or non-use of flexible policies in order to suggest ways to increase the numbers of men taking up flexible policies, particularly for family reasons, in the workforce.

Kathy Radoslovich (GSSA). I am a 2nd year PhD Candidate studying the experiences of couples in residential aged care. In particular, I’m looking at both the experience of love, intimacy and sexuality in the lives of older Australians, and the ways service providers can best support couples in their care. I have just returned from the Researching Sex and Sexualities conference at the University of Sussex.

Connie Musolino (GSSA) I am a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Gender Studies and Social Analysis at the University of Adelaide. I’m currently working on an ARC project titled Desire and denial: why are people with eating disorders reluctant to engage with treatment services? Along with co-authors Associate Professor Megan Warin, Professor Tracey Wade and Dr Peter Gilchrist I have recently had a paper accepted by Social Science and Medicine entitled ‘Healthy anorexia’: The complexity of care in disordered eating. I felt a great sense of accomplishment knowing that my research highlighting women’s experiences with disordered eating will be shared with the academic and wider community, and also confidence to keep pursuing a career in research.

My name is Shawna Marks and I have recently moved from Flinders University to the University of Adelaide to complete a PhD. I have a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and Honours in Women’s Studies and Sociology. My honours thesis was about media representations the wives and girlfriends of Australian Rules footballers and will be published as part of a book that I am co-editing with Alessandro Porrovecchio and Bernard Andrieu titled ‘Sport Representations and Narratives’. My PhD project aims to conceptualise the relationship between entitlement, privilege, and consent through analysis of interviews with former adolescent amateur footballers and women who have had sexual relationships with them. Engaging with feminist research on sport and masculinity, I will focus on the complicated experience of ‘growing up’ in a football environment across the socio-economic spectrum, and how this experience may impact upon developing heterosexual relationships.

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