Annual Fay Gale Lecture Recording

On Thursday 18th August the Fay Gale Centre and the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia had the pleasure of hosting Professor Sharon Pickering from Monash University who delivered the Annual Fay Gale lecture. Sharon presented her long standing research into hazardous migration crossings in South East Asia. Her work takes account of lives lost in these border crossings, and specifically the lives of women and children. She examines the circumstances that impel women to make these crossings, the risks and harms they face, and why their deaths are largely invisible. She makes the case that these deaths are profoundly shaped by gender and gender relations. Sharon’s work very clearly identifies the ways that social science research can promote greater recognition of and accountability for these border deaths, and more humanitarian approaches to managing borders in the region. The Border Crossing Observatory that Sharon developed with colleagues and spoke about in the lecture can be found here: Annual Fay Gale lecture was recorded and can be viewed here:
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