Annual Fay Gale Lecture 2017

What matters in Social Change?: The uncertain significance of caring

Professor Chris Beasley, University of Adelaide

Date: Friday 15 September
Venue: Napier Building, Room G.04, University of Adelaide
Time: 5.30 pm – 6.45 pm

The intention of this paper is to theorise social change. This is undertaken initially by employing the feminist critique of the major theories of social relations in modernity—a critique which gives significance to care. The feminist critique is then itself reconsidered. By this means, some uncertainties are raised about exactly what is vital to social change. In particular, uncertainties arise concerning the place of care, of emotional caring bonds, in analysis of social change. Exploration of the place of care enables a re-engagement with key insights in work by crucial men and masculinity (MM) scholars, as well as with feminist debates concerning the value of care as against justice.

Please see the attached Fay Gale Lecture Flyer for more information.

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