GFS calls for support for Vanuatu post Cyclone Pam

Yesterday we wrote a blog post about our concerns over the safety of the people in Vanuatu and their food and agricultural sectors in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam.

We stated that the next step for Global Food Studies would be to see how we can help.

This is how we want to help people in Vanuatu and would like to invite your contribution.


Cocoa project

It has been our privilege to be able to closely working with Sandrine Wallez. Sandrine is the founder and president of Alternative Communities Trade in Vanuatu (ACTIV). The ACTIV association was established in 2008 as a national union of associations, cooperatives, small producers and other individuals to work with local communities to improve their livelihoods.

Prof Randy Stringer (left) during a field trip to Vanuatu (Photograph by Camilo E. Garcia)

Together with GFS researchers Professor Randy Stringer and Mr Craig Johns and the rest of PARDI team, Sandrine has played a key role in the delivery of multiple farmer workshops and on-ground research activities to help them improve cocoa processing with the support from quality chocolate manufacturers including Haigh’s Chocolates and Bahen & Co; to help them improve their welfare.

Visit this amazing video narrated by Professor Randy Stringer and produced by ACIAR on their work in cocoa industry in Vanuatu. The farmers’ smiles, enthusiasm and confidence show that this project team are truly making a life impact.


Post Cyclone Pam

We’re saddened to hear about the impact of the cyclone on the area where the cocoa project was conducted. It looks like the storm may have wiped out the project area. We know that we must take actions to help people in Vanuatu and we are grateful to learn that Sandrine already started this.

Sandrine is now doing what she has always been doing, that is to help people in Vanuatu.

To respond to the Vanuatu Cyclone Pam, Sandrine is setting up an Emergency Fund Raising. The Fund Raising is set up through highly regarded Global Giving.

Global Food Studies would like to help her fund raising and invite you to join us.

The funding will be used to supply shelter or building materials to repair homes and some food with seed and planting materials.

Our support is important to help them rebuild their life after this devastating event.

Thank you for your support.


Please visit Global Giving to donate.

Read our posts on our projects in Vanuatu.





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