The Changing Face of the GFS Blog

From left: Dr Lenka Malek, Laura Bateman and Dr Alexandra Peralta

In both sad but exciting news, we say goodbye to Dr Risti Permani as Global Food Studies blog manager. Risti started the blog in 2013 and has skilfully maintained it until now.

Risti will be moving to Jakarta, Indonesia, in July to take on an esteemed Senior Economist role. Congratulations Risti!

In preparation for her move, Risti is handing over to a new team who will strive to maintain and build on her great work.

Taking on the role of Editor in Chief is Dr Lenka Malek, a dietitian, who is a postdoctoral researcher at Global Food Studies.

Global Food Studies PhD student, Laura Ashlea Bateman, is the Social Media and Communication Specialist. In the not too distant future, Laura will be setting up a Global Food Studies Facebook page and Twitter account. So stay tuned!

The new Facebook and Twitter accounts will make it easier for students (current, future and past), researchers, industry and other interested individuals to stay connected and up-to-date with all the latest GFS news and activities!

Lastly, Blog Advisors will be Dr Risti Permani, Dr Alexandra Peralta and Gosia Lysakowski.

Thank you Risti for all of your hard work and tireless commitment to the GFS blog! While we will no longer see you around the uni, we will hopefully see you online and look forward to hearing about your new role later in the year!

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