The Indodairy Project – Team workshop and policy working group meeting

Indodairy project team and policy working group

Indodairy project team and policy working group

Improving milk supply, competitiveness and livelihoods in smallholder dairy chains in Indonesia

Below, Rohan Yargop, provides an overview of the team workshop and policy working group meeting.

The Indodairy project led by Prof Wendy Umberger, Executive Director, Centre for Global Food and Resources at the University of Adelaide, in collaboration with Indonesian partner institutions ICASEPS, ICARD and IPB aims to address several issues faced by the dairy sector in West Java and North Sumatra. The project is funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). Development of sustainable, profitable and inclusive value chains in the dairy sector is one of the key objectives of this project. The Indodairy project which was initiated with an inception workshop in November 2016 conducted a sampling and survey design workshop in SB-IPB, Bogor between 21st and 24th February 2017.

Engagement with policy makers and dialogue with key stakeholders is an important aspect of this project. The project team also met with the policy working group in order to initiate dialogue with key policy makers in the dairy sector. The policy working group will form an integral part of the project as the project activities progress over the next 4 years.

The project will undertake supply chain analysis in North Sumatra and West Java, through semi-structured and structured interviews and market research to identify existing and future whole-of-chain opportunities for industry and government. In year one, a baseline survey will be developed and conducted with participatory focus groups to identify barriers to adoption of profitable management practices and opportunities to improve adoption rates. The results of the survey will help to inform the design, testing and full deployment of innovative technical practice change programs in the areas of herd nutrition and feed management, animal husbandry and reproduction, milk quality and farm business management. The information from the survey will also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions. Through the activities over a period of 4 years the project aims to increase productivity of 3000 dairy farmers by 20%.

The sampling and survey design workshop was attended by the Indodairy team members from all institutions. There workshop activities were led by project leader of Indodairy, Prof. Wendy Umberger. The development of survey instrument and sampling methodology was discussed and finalized at this workshop. The workshop was also an opportunity for all the stakeholders involved in the project to share ideas and have healthy discussions on further steps as the project progresses.

The presence and involvement of past graduates of Centre for Global Food and Resources is notable in the Indodairy project. Former Master’s graduates like Rida Akzar and PhD graduates like Dr. Suprehatin, Dr. Sahara who now hold research positions with IPB (Insitut Pertanian Bogor, Bogor Agricultural University) will play a major role in development and implementation of the project. Indodairy project also aims to encourage and strengthen institutional relationships. This also showcases a strong relationship of over a decade long association and collaboration between CGFAR, IPB and ICASEPS (Indonesian Centre for Agricultural Socioeconomic and Policy Studies).


Policy working group meeting and team discussion



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