Congratulations to GFAR’s newest PhD and Master’s graduates!

Congratulations to recent Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR) PhD students, Dr. Juliane Haensch and Dr. Suprehatin, who graduated with their PhDs last week!
Congratulations also to Duc Nguyen who is a current GFAR PhD student and graduated with his Master’s of Global Food and Agricultural Business!


Left to right: Dr. Suprehatin, Assoc. Prof. Sarah Wheeler, Dr. Juliane Haensch, Prof. Wendy Umberger and Duc Nguyen

grad 2017_wendyProfessor Wendy Umberger, Executive Director of GFAR, was honoured with the task of delivering the oration to the graduates. Prof. Wendy Umberger was pleased that she had the opportunity to deliver the oration at a ceremony where two GFAR PhD students and GFAR Master’s students graduated. GFAR’s Associate Professor Sarah Wheeler also participated on stage during the graduation ceremony. A lovely afternoon was had by all.

A bit about our newest graduates and their time at GFAR…

Juliane was awarded a Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence for her exceptional thesis titled, ‘Examining the importance of spatial influences on irrigators’ water trading behaviour in Australia’s southern Murray-Darling Basin’. Her principal supervisor was Assoc. Prof Sarah Wheeler, with co-supervisors, Dr Alec Zuo (from GFAR) and Prof. Henning Bjornlund (UniSA).

Supre’s thesis title was, ’Adoption of high value horticultural crops in Indonesia: Determinants and impacts’. His principal supervisor was Prof. Wendy Umberger, with co-supervisors, Prof. Randy Stringer and Dr. Dale Yi .

Duc’s Master’s thesis title was, ‘Price differences and market integration: A study of vegetable markets in Hanoi’. Dr. Dale Yi was Duc’s supervisor. Duc received a prestigious ACIAR John Alwright Fellowship, which allowed him to undertake his Master’s degree in Australia.

My favourite memory from my PhD studies is the strong cohesion amongst our PhD student group and the team spirit in our research group, which is exceptional and can be hard to find in academia. Dr. Juliane Haensch

I enjoyed my PhD Journey with my family, which grew along the way. My PhD also gave me great opportunities to attend leading international conferences abroad, including conferences in Milan (Italy), Ithaca (US) and Aarhus (Denmark). Dr. Suprehatin

Thanks GFAR for providing me the opportunity to study in Australia, especially Dr. Suzie Newman, the project manager of AGB/2012/059, Prof. Wendy Umberger and Dr. Dale Yi. I received a lot of support from them from the moment I prepared for my Master’s journey until I submitted my Master’s thesis.
I also really enjoyed studying for my Master’s at GFAR because I experienced a great professor-student relationship, multicultural friendships, and a good education and research environment with up-to-date knowledge. It was also my great honour to receive the GFAR Research Award in 2016 from Prof. Wendy Umberger.Duc Nguyen



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