A Day in the Adelaide Hills


Read on for an account of Day 4 of the short course on Food Standards and Regulations Familiarisation, led by The Centre for Global Food and Resources.

The IA-CEPA delegates braved a cold winter morning to visit local businesses in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

D4-RGFM1The morning kicked off with a visit to the processing facility of Richard Gunner’s Fine Meats, who have been a strong industry partner in this program.

Richard Gunner, owner and founder of the company along with his wife Elizabeth Gunner greeted the delegates at their facility and guided them through each department of the operation.

The delegates got the opportunity to witness first-hand all aspects of a state-of-the-art meat processing facility and learn about the quality assurance processed and regulations that the organisation has to follow.

Afterwards, the delegation visited the famed Jurlique biodynamic and organic farm in the Adelaide Hills.

D4-jurliqueJurlique is a global leader in biodynamic and organically produced cosmetic products and is proud to call the Adelaide Hills its home. The farm was set up 32 years ago after a global search for the purest air on earth by the founders led them to the Adelaide Hills.

The delegates were very impressed by the biodynamic and organic principles followed by the farm and were amazed at the natural beauty of the farm. A few resident kangaroos on the farm got everyone excited, and this turned out to be a great opportunity to take some selfies!

D4-barry beachBarry Beach from Beach Organics visited the delegation later in the day and spoke about his experience with importing various products from Indonesia that he uses as raw materials to further process and sell in the Australian market.

Barry outlined the various standards and regulations he has to adhere to in order to develop his market and be able to sell his organic products.

The delegates engaged in one-on-one discussion with Barry after his presentation.

The day ended with a networking event organised by Centre for Global Food and Resources and Institute of International Trade where the delegates got the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and key government stakeholders from South Australia.

D4-networking dinnerBANNER

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