GFAR’s success in University of Adelaide Interdisciplinary Research Funding Scheme

The recent round for the University of Adelaide Interdisciplinary Research Fund for 2018 was announced last week (Oct 12), and the Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR) had considerable success. Our Centre had a 50% acceptance rate for projects that included our staff, which was considerably higher than the 11% average acceptance rate for the university!

Project success includes:

  • A/Prof Sarah Wheeler was the lead CI in winning $70,000 from the University of Adelaide Interdisciplinary Research Fund for the project: “Developing a University of Adelaide water network to address the Murray-Darling Basin (and the world’s) water challenge”. Other team members included Professor Mike Young, Paul Babie, Paul Leadbeter, Justin Brookes, Holger Maier, Tim Cavagnaro, Seth Westra and Georgina Drew.
  • A/Prof Sarah Wheeler and A/Prof Patrick O’Connor were part of a project led by Dr Martin Breed (including Philip Weinstein, Stephen Pederson, Damith Ranasinghe, Peng Bi, Andrew Lowe, Christopher Schapel, Laura Weyrich) titled “Establishing the University of Adelaide as a world leader in healthy environment-healthy people microbiome research, awarded $50,000.
  • Professor Wendy Umberger was part of a project led by Dr Christian Birzer (including Mark Hutchinson, Paul Medwell, Philip van Eyk, Vivienne Moore, Tim Cavagnaro, Stephen Kidd, Geogrina Drew) titled “Biodigesters: converting waste products from industry and rural communities into byproducts for profit and quality of life”, awarded $60,000.
  • Dr David Adamson was part of a project led by Prof Holger Maier (including Angus Simpson, Megan Lewis, Rachel Burton, Bassam Dally, Jasmin Packer, Philip van Eyk, Graham Nathan, Tim Cavagnaro, Peter Ashman, Woei Saw, Eran Binenbaum, Graeme Riddell), titled: “Establishing new, leading interdisciplinary capability and solutions for secure, affordable and sustainable energy”, awarded $65,000.

Congratulations to the team members and commiserations to those who were not successful this round.

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