Papua New Guinea’s ‘Galip Nut’ commercialised

‘Canarium Indicum’ is an agroforestry tree in Papua New Guinea that produces edible nuts and has been the focus of efforts by donor agencies and The National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) to develop as a commercial crop.  The first commercial products of the Canarium Indicum tree traditionally known as Galip in PNG was launched in Port Moresby on 24th July 2018. This market-testing phase of the project is the result of an Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) project of which Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR) has been an integral part.

Galip Nut Demo counter at Stop n Shop Supermarket in Port Moresby

The Galip nut has a unique taste with high nutritious qualities that rival that of Macadamia nuts. Dried Galip Nut particularly in shell can be stored for long periods and once cracked the kernels have potential in high value export markets around the world. The development of the Galip Nut has involved countless efforts of multiple stakeholders with a collective vision of empowering local communities, generating employment and empowering women to participate in modern agricultural market chains in PNG.

Galip Nut in ‘Fresh Produce’ section

Commercialisation of the Galip Nut can provide positive substantial benefits to the local economy in PNG. Women conduct the majority of the Canarium tree growing and trading activities, including nut collection, cracking, drying and selling. The project centred at the NARI pilot plant in Kerevat East New Britain (ENB) has contributed to the development of value added technologies that will enable efficient and safe processing of nuts with resulting increase in productivity.  This project has taken a whole of value-chain approach, and offered a range of interventions such as market research, technical advice, capacity building, business mentoring and access to infrastructure for both private and public sector stakeholders. The private sector has been targeted at three different scales: smallholder and small-scale entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and large-scale distributors.

Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Papua New Guinea, Hon. Benny Allan

The Galip Nut Company, which is the consumer-testing phase of the project, has collaborated with CPL Group who will be the distributor for this product in Port Moresby. The first shipment of the commercial Galip Nuts have been made available in two of their Stop n Shop retail stores and Prouds Duty free outlet at Jackson International airport in Port Moresby. Packed in stand up foil pouches, the product is available in three variants: Roasted (60 &100g packs), Peeled (60g and 100g packs) and Natural (100g and 1kg packs). The Galip Nut launch was also held at the Stanley Hotel and was attended by senior officials of National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Australian High Commissioner to PNG, representatives from collaborating institutions,University of Sunshine Coast and Theo Simos of GFAR.

Australian High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, Mr. Bruce Davis

Mr. Bruce Davis, High Commissioner to PNG opened proceedings on behalf of the Australian government at the official launch of The Galip Nut Company to 70 guests. Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of PNG, Hon. Benny Allan and Member of Parliament of Gazelle Open of ENB and Minster of Police, Hon Jelta Wong assured guests of the Government support to encourage the growth of this new industry in Papua New Guinea.

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