Values of biodiversity and nature’s benefits to people

Sacha Amaruzaman, a PhD Student in the Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR)  recently participated in the First Author Meeting of IPBES Methodological Assessment on Multiple Values of Nature, in Mexico City from 12-16 November 2018. Sacha talks about his experience in this blog.

The value of nature to people is broad and diverse, comprising of the biophysical, social and cultural, economic, health and holistic (i.e. indigenous and local knowledge) values.

The decision-making in natural resource management, however, is still generally informed by a single value, such as the economic or biophysical value.

Acknowledging the diversity of the values of nature in decision-making is essential to improve policy effectiveness, provide a balanced view of values from different stakeholders, and prevent potential conflicts.

Sacha at the First Author Meeting (credit: IPBES TSU)

The IPBES Value Assessment aims to address this concern, and mainstream the concept and methods to integrate plural values of nature into the decision-making process.

About 70 scientists and experts joined the First Meeting, along with the selected fellows for the global assessment.

The Authors and Fellows come from a broad range of backgrounds, such as anthropology, biology, communication, ecology, economics, environmental science, geography, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology. The authors have been involved in the interdisciplinary works on biodiversity and ecosystem services as researchers and practitioners.

Sacha with the other IPBEs Fellows (credit: IPBES TSU)

As one of the Fellows, Sacha is assigned to work on the last chapter that discusses the capacity building needs and steps required to increase the uptake of assessing multiple values of nature in the decision-making process. He will carry on his role as a Fellow while completing his PhD with GFAR.

Sacha’s thesis is a part of Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)’s  ‘IndoGreen’ project, examining the natural resources management policies and farmers’ socio-psychological behaviour in the upland landscapes of Sumatra, Indonesia. He is an Awardee of Australia Awards Scholarship from the Government of Australia.

Blog post prepared by Sacha Amaruzaman

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