My Exchange Life at NUS – by Weijun Dong

First of all, I would say the life in Singapore is amazing. I applied the January intake in 2014. When I first arrive NUS, there is a welcome buddy waiting in Changi airport to pick you up. That’s the first time I communicate with local Singaporean, and he became my close friend later. I lived in PGP residence, the environment there is great, many canteens and lovely students. Singapore is quiet hot. Sadly, my application for Air-con room didn’t pass, so I lived in a room with a fan above my top. So, there is a tip, you better apply earlier for the Air-con room.

There are so many activities in NUS, when you join their Facebook exchange student group, they will invite you to come. You can meet friends from all over the world. It starts from one week before the semester begins, that’s the craziest week I ever have. The way they enroll courses are different from our Uni. NUS need time to enroll the course, and you can’t see how many seats left. So, I didn’t enroll the course I want. Another tip, you better enroll the course earlier especially for Business classes. For me, finally I chose International Economics 3, econometrics3, Cultural borrowing: Japan and China, Modern China. Over all, the courses in NUS are not hard to learn, in some way its easy. But, remember they will fail the last 10% students no matter what’s your score.

The most exciting thing in Singapore is you can travel many countries around Singapore. Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand. The tickets to any of above countries will not excess 100 Singapore dollars. Once, in Wednesday, my friend and I finished classes, we just simply jump on a bus and have a dinner in Malaysia and come back in the same day. You can use your weekend to travel those countries and explore those amazing places. Cambodia is definitely the first choice of mine. Angkok-wat is so great that I can’t explain it in words. One last thing, the food in Singapore is so tasty. You can eat a lot delicious food in a low price. At last, if you still don’t know which country to exchange, I will recommend Singapore. It’s brilliant than what you think.


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