Exchange to the University of Leeds – by Ursula Legoe

I participated on a University exchange program to Leeds in the United Kingdom. I went in semester one which was the peak of their winter – it was freezing! I was lucky enough to go with a friend from university and we were placed in the same university accommodation. At first we were disappointed with our residency placement as it was not technically ‘on campus,’ however we came to love it. We were placed in the ‘sporty’ residence which had many big ovals and a gym which was great. We chose the self catered option which was easy as our flat had a great kitchen. We were placed to live with two British girls and another international student which was great as we could meet some local people as well as many other internationals. Leeds University hosted many events for the international students which was great as this was where we met so many people. We found that the International students hang out a lot so we ended up making a lot of friends from Australia.

Leeds itself is purely a student town. It had great cafes, shopping and especially nightlife. The students in Leeds are very social and tend to go out most nights during the week, and the University itself has a club. The University itself was great and the campus was beautiful. It has a big union where lots of students could hang out. The teaching style was different to Adelaide University however, as it was much more self directed. The work load however was not very different from Adelaide. I met many other psychology students and was able to do subjects such as Human Pain, which I could not have done in Adelaide.
Leeds was a great base for travelling as well. We did many day trips to places around the UK such as Manchester, as well as lots of travel around Europe. We had a month of holidays in April which enabled us to travel Eastern Europe and make our way down to Greece. As the exchange finished in early June I was also able to do lots of travel before returning to Adelaide for semester two.

Although organising the exchange can be a bit tricky and time consuming, I would absolutely recommend it as I can say that this was one of my best experiences to date.  Leeds is such a fun city I would recommend considering choosing to go there! The amount of new people you meet who become your great friends is amazing. Being able to put on your resume that you have studied aboard also provides more opportunities for work which is great.

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