A university cliche that rings true: why student exchange is a truly great idea – by Mia Ryan

Most university students would have heard at least a hundred times that studying abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.  While this is one of the more common university clichés, its also one of the truest. There are endless reasons why going on a student exchange is a good idea. Firstly, it’s a relatively hassle-free way to study and live in another country. After choosing from the wide range of partner universities offered by Global Learning, you’ll have your hand held through all the subsequent paperwork and enjoy support and advise until you finish your exchange. This ensures that exchange is the easiest possible way to study at some of the world’s top universities and makes it an unique opportunity.

I spent a semester at Waseda university in Tokyo, which happens to be one of the more prestigious private universities in Asia. Everywhere I went in Japan people marveled at the brilliance I was assumed to have if I’d managed to get in to such a university. Intelligence had nothing to do with it of course. The fact that Waseda is one of Adelaide’s partner universities was virtually a free pass. Nevertheless I was taught by some fantastic professors and had access to all the facilities that give Waseda its reputation.

The very nature of student exchange is also pretty unique in my opinion. You’re guaranteed to be studying alongside other exchange students from all over the world, and the bringing together of such a diverse group of people all getting ready for a similar experience makes for easy friendship-making. I made some incredibly close friends in Tokyo after only four months together, a number of whom I already plan on visiting this summer.  In fact,  I’m confident I now have couches to crash on in most major European cities, both sides of America’s coastline and a number of cities dotted throughout Asia. Student exchange isn’t just about language and culture exchange with locals in the country you choose to study in, but about connecting with people from all corners of the planet.

These reasons, alongside countless others, make student exchange a seriously good idea if you can save up the money for it. So here’s another person telling you to consider a student exchange while you’re at university. It’s truly impossible for me to imagine someone regretting the experience.

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