Exchange to Singapore National University – by Kexin Ma

In July 2014, I went to the National University of Singapore (NUS) as an exchange student for one semester. I am very grateful to global learning for giving me this opportunity that allows me to experience a different country and different lifestyle. I have an in-depth understanding of Singapore’s real life. Although only a short period of four months, but the impacts on me will be very far-reaching. When entering an exotic new environment, to be as relax and talkative as possible, and feel free to communicate with them. It is important to break the language barrier as soon as possible. I have heard before that Singlish is quite difficult to understand, the few weeks I just arrived were simply disasters, had no idea about what they were talking about. It took me almost a month to adapt their accents.


As we know, NUS is a very high ranked university in the world, the workload is very heavy, not surprisingly. Students here are all hardworking, as an exchange student, relatively, my academic pressure is not such heavy, but I still realize that a lot of the teaching system in NUS. NUS have a lot of great and experienced professors, who have very outstanding performances in their professional field of study. Whether during the class or communicating with professors after class, I can strongly felt that many of them are very experienced in teaching, quite knowledgeable, have great sense of humor, as well as have experiences of studying abroad. Therefore, the courses are quite interesting and not boring.


Accommodation in NUS is pretty nice, cheap rent, single room, comfortable and clean environment, full range of facilities all made my accommodation life very delightful. Lots of activities helped me met lots of friends. I also joined some co-curricular activities, which made my life more fulfilling. There are free internal shuttle buses in each campus, very convenient. There are also large amounts of food courts inside campus, various countries’ food and drinks; the most important thing is that foods are extremely cheap!!! It only cost 3 or 4 Singapore dollars for a nice meal, with drinks and fruits in campus. The convenient facilities, tasty foods, as well as the kind of harmonious relationship between people, have greatly improved the comfort of campus lives.


In my spare time, I always go around with friends, to feel the different world. Singapore’s land area is small, all year round is summer, not to worry, every public places offer air conditioners. The city is very modern with convenient transportation, good public order, and many attractions, giving a bustling city atmosphere.


NUS is a really wonderful university, high level education system, colorful student activities, comfortable and cheap accommodation inside school, convenient free transports within school, as well as many delicious foods, please come to Singapore and enjoy student life in NUS, you won’t regret. This exchange experience to Singapore influences me a lot, met so many friends and experienced the customs of a different place, participated in lots of meaningful activities, really learned a lot. If there’s an opportunity, I will definitely attending another overseas program.


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