Hong Kong and Asia – by Amer El Hamra

Traveling in Hong Kong was something different, mixed feeling about this place blissfully haunt me, and I expect will do for the rest of my days. I do not know if it is the hours I spent on its MTR (the underground trains), or the ferry rides breaking the waves of what was a fragrant harbor that is now a shining city light. The street were full of people none gave you notice and knew who you were, myself was lost and I could start a life from scratch.

I lived in an apartment block on campus were exchange students made a home base while being observed by local few who anthropologically studied us smiled in our faces and yelled on the phones with no person to understand their sorrow or happy calls. From there I made headway to classes seemed to be there as front for capital gain, unnoticed I left class and head to the busy MTR to make town, a place where I can drink and practice my nonexistent French with other exchange students, meanwhile in the background the “totally hurt” American fella is shocked by my other Australian peer’s accent and starting cover up his misplaced cultural shock of Australia while being in a local Chinese bar. From there I think I have a lecture in morning I should make my way to my dorm, but the memory of other young students listening to loud music until the early morning hours makes buy yet another drink.

After two or it might be three weeks, I have made friends I have managed to meet people my age. And after our first sitting we managed to book flights to Malaysia where we decided to spend the Chinese New Year holiday, this was the best time I have ever had. Fourteen days in Malaysia and one backpack that my back seems too emotionally invested in. Between high speed ferry rides, domestic flights, long haul coach buses and one very questionable hired scooter I was in love with a place. Malaysia’s unique cultural blend where three different and distinct cultures live made the place representative nation of the rest of South East Asia. But all good things touchdown in Hong Kong airport. I was surprised that I was home after this trip Hong Kong suddenly became the place that I know the people I knew even the prejudice I experienced was now my home.

Other places I travelled in Asia Thailand for example where the elephant is more than just animal and that is what I was told when I spent a day with five of them, and apes are called people. But I always went back home to Hong Kong, where the people in the seven eleven knew and I had a local bar. This place was now home that even my lungs have missed its pollution and the hardest thing was taking off and looking at the high rises as they flew out of sight.

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