Exchange in Edinburgh- by Man Ming Li

In this summer, I came to Edinburgh for my last semester. This is a very good opportunity for me to see more things in the world. The University starts on September. However, the University in Australia ends on July. Therefore, I decided to come to UK few weeks before my school start.

First, I went to London and other places. I have seen a lot of things i cannot see in Australia, for example, Big Ben and some very big, old and beautiful cathedrals. For me, I have never seen such a beautiful thing ever, i was very surprise that there are such a great things other then clubs and games.

Second, I went to my friends’ house where in Glasgow for few day.( both Glasgow and Edinburgh are in Scotland.) They take me to many places to eat and travel. The food was very great. However, unfortunately, the Glasgow is not that beautiful as Edinburgh and other places in UK. It’s just a city like Hong Kong or something that having busy life comparing to other EU cities.

School Life

After the school started, i have met many friends from different European countries, for example Norway, Newcastle, Glasgow etc. Of course, many of them are from Edinburgh. They are very friendly and we shared many fun experiences that we came over Edinburgh and something from their countries, for example their own countries’ traditions and environment.

On the other hand, teachers in Edinburgh are very good and they can teach us properly. However, the only one thing I cannot accept was their accent. Sometimes, i cannot understand what did they say because of their strong local accent. Fortunately, we have plenty of time to seek for help from tutors, and they always encourage us to discuss with them. They were also teaching us very patiently. As a result, the problem was solves very easily. Therefore, i think this is a good decision to come here to study.

Beyond school in Edinbrugh

In Edinburgh, there are many places we can go and see.The one we must go could be Edinburgh Castle. I think it is a one of top 5 cool things i have seen. also, i can see the snow maintain when i stand on the Castle. that was beautiful! When we exchange to Edinburgh, the  school always send some invitations which invite us to go to some places where are near to Edinburgh but we may not go by my own self. Also, we had some parties only for exchange students so that we can meet each others and have some fun. Since i went to London and other EU cities, I realised that the food and living cost in Edinburgh are much cheaper then others. If we are concerning about the living cost, i would recommend people to come to Edinburgh.

Last but not last, after I lived in Edinburgh, I think I should go many other places to visit. I think was too stupid that I thought I should just stay in my own country and work for a whole life. Now, I changed my mind, I should go out more and see more about this world, no more stay at home and playing games. It is wasting my life.

Finally, I would recommend people to exchange and know more, see more about the world. One day, we would realise that exchange program are benefit us and it teaches us many many things we cannot learn if we only stay in our own country.

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