Exchange at Kansai University – By Rachael Grimshaw

Arriving in Osaka finally, I don’t think words can properly express how exhausting those 30+ hours of travel were. I hardly slept on the plane and because of that I couldn’t eat. This didn’t help me when I needed a functioning brain to fill out the declaration forms. Luckily, I was again sitting next to a kind person who was willing to help me out.

Before boarding in the line, a guy asked me if I was an exchange student and I said I was, and it turned out he was too! He was sitting a few seats in front of me during the flight and we caught up after the flight to talk more about our exchange. I was still feeling sick, so I’m glad I could talk to someone rather than being by myself.Stepping off the plane felt amazing. It was humid, bright, and not normally the weather I would want to be in when feeling like that, but I felt so much energy trying to bust through the cramps. Everything was clean and beautiful like I expected, and we took a train to get to registration. However, getting through regulations to pick up our registration cards took forever. BUT, in that line again I met another exchange student and this one was actually going to my University! He is from Belgium and we both had a little panic together because we ended up being really late for our pick up time and thought we had missed it. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. We stepped out through customs which was a breeze (totally unexpectedly), and were greeted by a sign that said “Welcome to Kansai” and I knew I really felt everything start to sink in. The pink airport, the vending machines and unfamiliar signs were all just little things I tried really hard to memorise – I never want to forget today.RachaelGrimshaw

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