Exchange Life in University of Nottingham – By Pui Yi Sabrina Lee

I am an international student in AU, and also an exchange student in UoN. Attention please: coaches in England are never on time… I waited extra three hours from Heathrow airport to Nottingham. So better catch train if you are in rush or only have one luggage. Nottingham is more likely as Melbourne; everything is so convenient, shops everywhere and people are friendly.
Let’s talk about where I live, St Peters Court. A self-catering student accommodation with en-suite and shared kitchen, how lucky am I J  There is a bus that could go to main campus and business campus.. it is FREE!! I got three flatmates from Germany and one flatmate from USA. The flat opposite us are Canadian, Danish, German, Korean, Chinese and Malaysian. We have a very close and strong bonding; all of us take turns to cook for others, so you could imagine… multinational food party every night!!  We watch movies in the flat together, hangout together, day trip together, etc… I am glad I have these lovable people around me. We all have different background and stories, sharing and listening become the key.
Our field tip includes to London, York, Birmingham, Warwick, Cambridge, Bath, Oxford, Edinburgh and Manchester. Furthermore, Spain, Portugal and Ireland with my girls. Spain is my favourite; the food is so good (especially tapas and pastries), amazing music and dance, spectacular and beautiful attractions by Antoni Gaudi. Europe will melt your heart and light up your sight; will give us passion, hope and strength. However, be aware on your personal property… I am going to Germany with my German flatmates next week, staying at their home; try to experience a real German life and have some traditional dishes… After that is Norway, plan to see the northern lights and try dog sledding. I never thought I will go travel that often, how many trips within one semester.

It is time to back to academic and study, here is 12 weeks class as well. However, the teaching pattern is totally different. Firstly, all big classes will have recording on moodle, small classes don’t; so better go to your lecture if you don’t want to miss out! Secondly, we do not have tutorial every week, only two times per semester. I am not used to it, personally I prefer every week, so I could have some Q&A time and share ideas with course-mates. Thirdly, most of the business courses are 100% exam… what 100%??? Yesss is 100%. Fourthly, we got four weeks holiday to prepare exams, including Christmas holidays, but still sounds relaxing and chill. Fifthly, less course-works, only half the workload of Adelaide University.
I could say go on exchange is the best decision that I have made in 2015!!! I enjoy it so much with lots of laughter and tears. Although saying goodbye to people and deal with homesick are the hardest… but there are lots of benefits. You could make friends from around the world, travel Europe, explore yourself…. Therefore, apply now!! Don’t hesitate, you will have lots of unforgettable memories and fun of your life! Trust me!


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