Exchange at the University of Copenhagen – By Alice Croft

Where do I begin…

I’ve nearly been living in Copenhagen for an entire year now, and I don’t think any words can give this year justice. I have been able to experience the most incredible things from living in the heart of a major European capital city, from travelling to Morocco in my summer holidays, having weekends in Berlin, learning a near impossible (and useless) language, travelling anywhere for cheap with RyanAir (but still complaining about the service), being able to drink beers in public, riding a bike without a helmet and being able to hop on a bus and end up in a different country… the novelty of living in Europe won’t ever wear off for me!

But living in Copenhagen has been so much more than “just another European city”… The unique bike culture means 4am rides home from the popular meat-packing district after partying all night, with the sun already being up. The amazing eight day long Roskilde festival allowed me to see Paul McCartney play live with 120,000 other people, making it the most populated (and popular) place in Europe for that week. Living in a collegium in the heart of funky & multicultural Norrebro means there is never a dull weekend, and also having the opportunity to volunteer with my less-fortunate neighbours, many being middle-eastern refugees. Not to mention participating in the deadly Christmas and Easter lunches, which not only end, but also begin with oodles of Snaps and beers! I won’t lie, the winters have been dark and cold, but the Danish notion of “hygge” makes it incredibly cosy, and infinitely more bearable. Furthermore, living in Copenhagen has meant I’ve been able to eat at the world’s best restaurant (thanks Noma), drink some of the world’s best beers (Carlsberg, Tuborg.. Mikkeller…) and be surrounded by the word’s most handsomely beautiful people (true Vikings)! Have I sold Denmark to you yet?

So with my final five weeks left in Copenhagen I’ll be spending as much time as I can soaking up the utopian welfare state, attending as many Christmas lunches as I can and of course trying to convince all of the incredible people I’ve met along the way to come back to Australia with me.

I am terrified about returning to Australia and leaving the life I’ve built up in the last year behind… but I’m confident that the friendships I’ve made here in Denmark are for life, and that the beautiful Dane I met in the Wu-Tang Clan mosh pit, whom I fell in love with, will come back with me as the ultimate souvenir!

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