Exchange at the University of Exeter – By Ella Price

I began my year long exchange at Exeter university in mid September of this year. It’s safe to say I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the place. I left Adelaide at the start of July, however to travel for 10 weeks before arriving, which has so far been a major highlight and I’m really glad I took this opportunity to see a bit more of the world. First I visited France, then I travelled to the Amalfi Coast which was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. After that I spent a week on a boat in Croatia which great fun. Turkey was very busy and tough travelling as it was very different but I really enjoyed the differences in culture. Next we spent a week and a half in Greece lying on the beach and the eating the most amazing food of the whole trip. After Greece we visited Spain and Portugal, who both had amazing cultures to experience. My favourite was Portugal though with its historic cities and castles.

Studying at Exeter has been such a wonderful experience and I’m so shocked that the term is finishing now. The time has absolutely flown by. At home I study a double degree in Law and Science which is unusual there, but in Exeter its unheard of. Its been great to do some law electives that I would not usually be able to do at home, such as Islamic law and European Court of Human Rights. In science I have taken Zoology and Ecology, both of which will contribute to my major. The most interesting things I have found whilst studying in Exeter is the differences in course structure and the University life on campus. The pride people take in their uni, all of the societies and their socials, the clubs, pubs and bars on campus and the amazing network of friends you can make in a smaller university setting are all things that are unimaginable until you experience them yourself. The University life here is great for making a hugely diverse group of friends as you meet people through your flatmates, your studies and your sport. I highly recommend doing a whole year abroad to anyone thinking of applying. I extended my exchange from six months to a year and it’s been the best decision I’ve made! Every single one of my friends doing six month exchange has wished they could stay longer. Exeter is an amazing place to do an exchange with so much going on all the time.

The Christmas break is also allowing me to do some more travel. Today I go on the Uni ski trip to Val D’Isere in France. It will be a fun week with a group of people who are passionate about skiing. Every effort is made to ensure that everyone has a great time with socials organized for every night of the week. Following the ski trip I will be spending Christmas and New Years with friends in Poland, Holland and Germany. The opportunity to travel is one which shouldn’t be missed out on.


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