6 months in Copenhagen – By Jade Bouchier

I cannot believe I am writing this blog post — it means that my 6 months abroad is almost over. Time has gone by so fast.

I remember talking to the man next to me on the flight to Denmark. He seemed a bit miffed at my plans – Have you been to Denmark before? No. Can you speak any Danish? No. Do you know anyone in Denmark? No.

I like looking back to this moment – starting in a new country, completely on my own – and now look at me.

I have really loved my time in Copenhagen. It is a beautiful city. I have fond memories of biking to my classes in the glorious sunshine (one learns to really appreciate the sun after a European winter)… and, I won’t lie, some not so fun memories of biking in the rain and wind. I have hilarious memories of my pre-semester Danish class – our class ooo-ing aaaa-ing like monkeys, trying to grapple with those tricky Danish sounds (jeg kan tale lidt dansk). I have great memories of travelling around Europe and experiencing things I never thought I would (saw the northern lights, drove a husky sleigh in Lapland, visited Russia, saw Book of Mormon in London’s West End, and so on). And I have enjoyed sharing these memories with my newfound friends.

Sangria in Spain

Sangria in Spain

It’s going to be really sad to say goodbye to my friends, Denmark and my Danish life.

Tips for Copenhagen:

  • Humanities students – I recommend the Danish Culture Courses, which are aimed at international students. I took the Danish Culture Course and Danish Cinema Course. Overall, I had a total of 6 contact hours (2 hours of which was watching a film!).
  • Also recommend the Pre-Semester Danish classes – a 3-week intensive course. It’s a good way to learn some Danish, and make friends. In fact, I met most of my close friends in this course.
  • Copenhagen is a little pricy, but there’s a great app called Ahorro, which makes budgeting that little bit easier.
  • If your accommodation is through the Housing Foundation, remember it is first come first serve – so make sure you do your research beforehand (NB: consider how far the collegium is from your campus). I have really enjoyed staying at Signalhuset Collegium. At Signal, I share a flat with 3 lovely Danes. It has been very easy to make friends at Signal, as it is popular accommodation for exchange students. It is quite social, and my friends and I often host small hyggeligt dinners together.
  • Join ESN Copenhagen – each semester they offer trips to Lapland and Russia (I enjoyed both!). They also host events in Copenhagen, such as going to Carlsberg Brewery, at group discounts.
  • Become a mentee by joining the University’s mentor programme. I had a wonderful mentor group with 3 Danish mentors and 5 other exchange students. Plus, the QA programme often has events happening.
  • Buy a bike! Trust me.
  • Have fun! Enjoy the pastries and the Tuborg! I am very jealous – I wish I can do it all again. 🙂


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