GLObewriter Introduction: Claire, University of Southampton

Hi! I’students-claire-fullm Claire and I’m about to head off to the United Kingdom for a year-long exchange to the University of Southampton. I currently study Politics and I am quite looking forward to seeing how the British teach the subject! It’s also been timed quite well for me with the Brexit referendum. It will certainly be interesting to see how that unfolds during my time there and being in the midst of it.

The great thing about Adelaide’s Exchange Program is that you definitely aren’t limited with the choices, especially with the United Kingdom! I narrowed down my choice to Southampton for a few reasons. 1 – It is a very reputable University; 2 – It’s quite close to London by train; 3 – It won’t be as cold in Winter compared to the North of the island! Preparing for my exchange has been very lengthy. The application process started in Semester 2 last year, with my acceptance from Southampton coming through in July. While organising all the important paperwork, I’ve prepared by teaching my family how to use Skype (a necessity!), working very hard to earn some extra spending money and planning to have a final hurrah with my friends and family before I leave!

Though while I am quite excited, I am very nervous about missing my family and friends for such a long time. I will be away for about 10 months. While some have said they plan to visit, I will definitely miss a lot of experiences my friends have back here. But the flip side is that I am sure I’ll make friends while over there and have my own great experiences. When my departure date comes, no doubt I will be balling my eyes out; but I have an amazing experience ahead of me and the excitement overrules the sadness and nerves!

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