GLObewriter Introduction: Jasmine, University of Sheffield

jasmine weisbrodtI usually have an extensively detailed spreadsheet organised by now! Only one month to go, and yet I’m preparing vastly different this time. By different, I mean I’m acting contrary to my moderate to high control-freak tendencies, and thoroughly against my better judgment. These blank slots in my exchange timetable are both nerve-racking and terribly exciting, at once.

My name is Jasmine Weisbrodt, I study a double of Laws and Arts, and I am heading on exchange to the University of Sheffield, England, this semester. I’m not sure who I will meet, what cultures I will encounter or where I may visit during my exchange – hence, I am anxious, at the same time as enthusiastic, about what will follow. Sheffield is polled as one of the greenest, safest and friendliest cities in England; I found this attractive and hope to verify all three. I look forward to walking the ancient stone villages amidst the Peaks District National Park, studying among stereotyped “witty and polite” locals, living amongst the decades of English architecture and the endless amounts of cobblestone, chip-butties, TV soaps, and English tea.

So far, I have university approvals, flights, accommodation, airport transfers, an orientation schedule and an in-progress suitcase. I have looked into Sheffield’s student union (also with good ratings!) and hope to join many clubs and activities during the exchange as possible – with a hopeful return to competitive volleyball at the forefront. Excitement is definitely my major emotion at this stage, albeit concerns I need more thermals for an English winter!

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