November Snow – by Jasmine Weisbrodt

The weather dropped 10 degrees in a week, so my newly adjusted ‘nice range’ of temperatures ranging between 11-16 has quickly exchanged into 1-6 degrees! But the benefit of this is that I finally saw snow falling for the first time – in Sheffield and it was unbelievable! I can now say the weather is more bizarre than the grief Melbourne gets – Sheffield went from blue skies and sun, slightly cloudy, cloudy to snowing, a little rain and then back to blue skies. I see why English people love to talk about the weather! A little personally hilarious note to it, is that I’d convinced my beautiful, warm-weather loving sister to come over – saying the weather was not too bad yet… and well, at the time it was true. I hate to admit but home-sickness, or just missing your family and friends, is part of the parcel – it really does make you appreciate what you have to come home to.

One thing I didn’t know about November in England was Guy Fawkes night, an annual celebration of the capture of Guy Fawkes after plotting to blow up the House of Lords. Almost every city or town across England holds a bonfire and sets of fireworks on the 5th. From Halloween the week before, people all around were setting off fireworks. My friends agreed they’d take the trade-off for Australian weather, its heat and fire bans over legal fireworks, everyday! As for my night, it was spent at Battersea Park in London standing in the coldest weather in England since I’ve come over here, seeing the largest bonfire I’d ever seen, and then the longest fireworks display also!


I’m usually not super happy to hear the start of Bublé and Carols so early, but for getting a head start into my Christmas in England, I’ll make the exception. Seeing the beautiful decorations around London, the start of ‘lights on’ nights, Christmas Grottos and markets – it’s completely worth braving the winter for, even if sunset has slowly creeped into being earlier than 5pm! It feels completely wrong to anticipate studying over the New year period, I’m going to give it my best attempt!

So, with my new purchases of wool-filled wellington boots and long proper winter coat, thermals, and a decently planned store of tea and soup – winter is almost here.


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