GLObewriter Introduction – Faith, University of Sheffield

globewriter_faith_3710Hi everyone! My name is Faith and I will be undertaking a semester length exchange at the University of Sheffield in 2017. This was a last minute decision and it is overwhelming that I am actually going. I have never been overseas and have yet to experience travelling solo but I am excited for the adventures coming my way in the next six months.

People say going on an exchange is a research project in itself and they are not wrong. There is much research involved such as finding information about visas, accommodation and flights. This was made easier for me by being a member of The Global Society and their facebook group – advice and support was in abundance. Although there is a great deal to do, it is worth the trouble in the end as you pick up many skills such as communication and research.

The University of Sheffield is UK’s top university for student satisfaction and have brilliant courses in Sociology and Creative Writing (my majors). I’m especially excited to enrol in their course, Storying Sheffield, which allows students to write the narratives of people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This brings my love of writing and sociology together – a rare opportunity. Furthermore, Sheffield has wonderful student accommodation (guaranteed to study abroad students) and I can’t wait to mix in with students from different cultures.

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