GLObewriter Introduction – Kate, University of Strasbourg

globewriter_kate_3710My name is Kate Neadley, I’m an undergrad student studying a double degree in BArts/BScience and I’m about to start an adventure at the University of Strasbourg, France for a semester exchange.

I chose Strasbourg because not only is it situated in one of the most beautiful regions of France (a 20 minute walk over the Rhine into Germany) but it also has an outstanding Neuroscience faculty.

I’ve studied in France before, briefly, and backpacked around Europe so I’m not too worried about travel arrangements. The one thing I am slightly worried about is the adaptation to the French language, by next year I will have completed the French component of my degree and it will be time to put it into practice! I cannot wait to meet all the other exchange students that will be in my dorm in the university accommodation, living with them will be an amazing chance to learn about many new cultures from the Spanish, Moroccan and Algerian students who go to study in France, as well as many more!

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