GLObewriter Introduction – Nachi, Bocconi University

globewriter_nachi_3710I am a fourth year Bachelor of Law and Commerce student and I will be studying my law electives at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, as part of my overseas study experience. Bocconi was only second to University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, on my exchange application as my previous travel to Barcelona and other cities in Spain was the primary reason for my exchange application. I found Spain to be a beautiful country, rich in history, culture and heritage with a lot to be explored. My time in the vibrant and majestic city of Barcelona was particularly heart-warming. I probably connected with the same number of people in four days in Barcelona that I otherwise would connect with over 6 months in my home city of Adelaide! Regardless, I am extremely pleased and rather happy that I am studying at Bocconi as Milan, and furthermore Italy as a whole, are something I have always wanted to explore. To a large extent I have always liked the warmer countries in Europe and this is the primary reason for my choice of these destinations.

I have found travelling to be an incredibly informative, energizing and fun experience that every individual should experience in their life. The joy in connecting with new people of varied cultures while exploring new places and listening to their stories is tremendous. Travel creates a bunch of experiences in one’s mind that are unique to that individual and form a part of the stories they share over their lifetime. Exchange is one such lengthy travel that is a unique university-life experience that although should be experienced by each student is only experienced by a few. I feel I would be privileged to be among the few if I were to experience it. It is an experience that requires one to leave their comfort zone and take on new challenges and this aspect greatly excites me. I feel the ability to leave your comfort zone at a moment’s notice and join something new is what makes life truly rich and people who do practice this lead hugely fulfilling lives. Personally I feel exchange will be a journey that will help me conquer so many fears and reduce the otherwise seemingly overwhelming world to a smaller place that I can connect with. Besides, exchange is an experience that is valued by employers due to the tremendous learning experience that it is. I therefore look forward to putting it down on my CV and distinguishing myself from other candidates who would not have had such an experience.

I am quite excited as my time overseas is coming closer and there is an air of anticipation and enthusiasm as I plan my trip. However the fact that I will be away from home and out of my comfort zone is what creates occasional nervousness. That is though part and parcel of the feeling of excitement. Adequate preparation is one way in which you can reduce this nervousness as you attempt to build a comfort zone around the new place. It is therefore important to work through the global leaning checklists, preparing everything before each deadline and gathering as much information and knowledge about what’s coming in terms of the journey, accommodation, study, place and people amongst other things.

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