Best Of 2018 Competition

Study Overseas is offering the opportunity for two storytelling students to win $250 each for the best written piece and best video of 2018.

Students must:
  • Have participated in a Study Overseas experience in 2018 (including those that departed in 2017) which has been registered in GLAS
  • Be a current student of the University of Adelaide at the time of submission.
Submission requirements:

All submissions must be the original work of the student, and may not include Study Overseas-produced content such as the Alumni series. Student content previously submitted and published on the Study Overseas website, blog or social media may be considered if it meets all other requirements.

Written piece

  • At least 500 words with photos or other imagery (infographics are acceptable and may be under 500 words)
  • Hosted on a website (including the Study Overseas Blog) or submitted in PDF format
  • At least 2 minutes in length
  • In landscape orientation
  • Uploaded as a file or a YouTube link

Submissions close at 4:30pm on Thursday 1 November.

Winners will be announced on Thursday 15 November.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

to enter

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