Microsoft Office 2010 Rollout

Please be advised of the upcoming deployment of Office 2010 to all machines running the University’s Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 Standard Operating Environment (SOE)

Why Office 2010?

The entire student computing environment now is running Office 2010, so to ensure complete compatibility between the environments, the same platform is required. Furthermore, there are many more features and improvements compared to previous versions of Office.

What will we be receiving?

The full Office 2010 package will be deployed to the University computer fleet. The applications that this includes are:

•         Access

•         Excel

•         InfoPath

•         OneNote

•         Outlook

•         PowerPoint

•         Publisher

•         Word

When will this occur?

The deployment package will be available in your school/department on April 30. It is up to the individual as to when they initiate the installation process as the upgrade is currently voluntary. Keep in mind that sometime in the middle of 2013 the installation will be forced onto all remaining University SOE machines.

Health Sciences Faculty Office April 30th 2013
The Joanna Briggs Institute April 30th 2013
Dentistry April 30th 2013
School of Medical Sciences Office April 30th 2013
Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health April 30th 2013
School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health Office April 30th 2013
Robinson Institute April 30th 2013
Medical School Group April 30th 2013
Florey Medical Research Unit April 30th 2013
School of Population Health April 30th 2013

A reminder email will be sent from the Service Desk to the individual one day before they will receive the advertised program.

How is it installed?

When available, users will be presented with a dialog box to initiate the installation. The rest of the process, however, is completely automated.

What is needed from users?

•         Before initiating the Office 2010 installation, it is important for users to make sure that all Office documents are saved and any of the applications listed above are closed.

•         It is recommended that people allow the installation to occur at your earliest convenience, however…

•         The installation process has been thoroughly tested both within Technology Services and a number of pilot groups within the University. Still, it is strongly suggested that if staff work in a team where they all perform a specific/critical task that they not all perform the upgrade at the same time to avoid any unforeseen issues that may arise.

•        pre-installation message does give you an idea of how long to expect to be out of action for; we have seen it take from between 20 minutes to just over an hour so it is good to do at the end of the day or the start of lunch.

Who to contact?

Should users have any queries regarding any of the above, please visit the “Office 2010 Upgrade Project” website: otherwise please contact the Technology Service Desk on x33000 or email:

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