Transition Taskforce | AMNS Project

As the Adelaide Medical and Nursing Schools project shifts from a design focus to a more operational one, a team chaired by Professor Alison Kitson has been formed to oversee a large body of work that will help bring the building to life. The Transition Taskforce includes representatives from across the Faculty of Health Sciences as well as Infrastructure Branch who will co-ordinate and integrate the delivery of a wide range of related projects. The group will be seeking input and collaboration from staff on issues including shared facilities, technology, workplace culture, staff relocation and educational research. More information on opportunities to be involved will be advertised soon.

Taskforce members: Prof Alison Kitson (Dean of Nursing & Chair), Kendra Backstrom (AMNS Programme Manager), Richard Veale (AMNS Change Manager), Natalia Hubczenko (Faculty Exec Manager, Health Sciences), Prof Maree O’Keefe (Assoc Dean L&T, Health Sciences), Prof Julie Owens (Assoc Dean Research, Health Sciences), Simon Fenwick (Senior Project Officer, Capital Projects), Kon Corolis (Senior Project Director, Capital Projects), Lesley Steele (AMNS Transition Manager), Sonja Graetz (Infrastructure Communications Manager), Ian Willis (Assoc Director & Deputy CIO Client Services), Anita Gayen (AMNS Project Co-ordinator)

Transition Taskforce members (L to R): Prof Julie Owens, Ms Lesley Steele, Ms Kendra Backstrom, Ms Natalia Hubzcenko, Prof Alison Kitson, Ms Anita Gayen, Mr Richard Veale, Ms Sonja Graetz, Mr Andrew Leader, Mr Ian Willis Not pictured: Prof Maree O’Keefe, Mr Kon Corolis, Mr Simon Fenwick
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