Do you currently access SA Health network data and applications?

If so, we need to hear from you now. Changes in the Faculty of Health Sciences and our external partners over the next two years, including the relocation of the RAH and the development of the new Adelaide Medical and Nursing Schools building, mean that our access to important software and data will need to be managed and planned for carefully.

Part of that process is to further expand and qualify information on what systems University of Adelaide staff use in their work that are part of the SA Health network. If you currently have access to SA Health network applications and data or use these systems, please complete the following short survey:

Because replicating current access to SA Health networks is complex, it’s extremely important that you respond to this survey. The nature of this technology and data sharing is delicate and has very long lead times to make changes. Technology Services’ ability to analyse current information on user requirements will help make sure the systems you rely on are available to you when you need them.

If access to SA Health networks doesn’t affect you, you don’t need to complete the survey. If you have queries, please contact Phil Manning, Associate Director, Infrastructure Services (Technology Services):

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