Basil Hetzel Institute Research Seminar Series | 12 August 2015

Professor Richard Stubbs, Managing Director P3 Research Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand, will present ‘Unlocking the secrets of insulin resistance and metabolic disease’. Chair Dr Ehud Hauben, Senior Medical Scientist, Liver Metastasis Unit, Discipline of Surgery, University of Adelaide, Basil Hetzel Institute TQEH.

Date: Wednesday 12 August
Time: 12-1pm.
Location: Ground Floor Seminar Rooms, Basil Hetzel Institute, 37a Woodville Road, Woodville.

Richard is an Otago graduate who completed surgical training in the UK, and a period of fulltime research in the US, before returning to Wellington in 1986. Since that time he developed a busy professional career spanning a very active clinical practice as an upper GI and hepatobilary surgeon, clinical research, and basic science research.
He was initially a member of the University Dept of Surgery and a consultant surgeon at Wellington Hospital but in 1991 he established the Wakefield Gastroenterology Centre at Wakefield Hospital in Wellington. The Centre quickly established itself as a referral centre for both the medical and surgical management of Gastrointestinal diseases. His own particular interests revolved around the treatment of liver tumours, bariatric surgery and diabetes. The Centre developed an active clinical and basic science research program and Richard became a recognized figure internationally for his clinical and research work.

In 2008 he was appointed to an Adjunct Professor position within the University of Otago in recognition of his professional standing and the importance of his research program. Following this appointment he moved his research group to the Dept of Pathology and Molecular Medicine at the Wellington School of Medicine, and renamed the Group, the Wakefield Biomedical Research Unit. For almost 10 years the group maintained two major focuses for it research; biomarker discovery in colorectal cancer and insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately in 2013, after 18 years in existence, his research group was disbanded because of difficulties maintaining funding. Richard has now let lapse his direct involvement with the University and reduced his clinical workload in order to give more time to the clinical trials industry in NZ, through the position he took up in 2010, as Managing Director of P3 Research Ltd, which is a clinical trials company, undertaking sponsored clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry.

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