Exciting news for cyclists!

There are 80 bike spaces inside the AHMS building and a further 70 outside in the Urban Park area. This is more than the equivalent for any other University building. The end-of-trip facilities include the following features:

  • Secure bike storage is located on the lower ground level
  • The bike storage area has 50 small lockers and clothes drying/hanging facilities
  • Vertical hanging Ned Kelly bike racks for efficient space These racks suit all styles and make of bicycles and fully support the bikes without damaging the frame or wheel
  • Entry is via the Northern Access Road, which runs adjacent to and behind the AHMS Building
  • Female and male showers and change rooms are on the Lower Ground Level. Each room has 3 showers, toilet, 2 hand basins, hand dryer and 25 small lockers with swipe card access
  • The Lower Ground Level also has an Access Change Suite – includes a shower, hand dryer and toilet.

Any questions please contact the AHMS project team or view the FAQ webpage.

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