Faculty goes low paper (and minimal storage)

Over the next 2 years the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences will be undergoing a number of major relocations of space, in particular the AHMS and HSIS Stage2, which consolidates many groups into the existing Medical School North and South buildings. These relocations involve vacating a number of areas that have been occupied for many years, and understandably include large amounts of papers, files, records and books need to be archived, moved or disposed of. All of these relocations will involve consolidation of spaces, which means much less storage capacity for physical items.

The Faculty’s principles on disposal of surplus items are:

  • Disposal of surplus material is the responsibility of the School/Area.
  • Material should be sorted and disposed in advance of relocation.
  • The Faculty Services Team can organise bins for disposal, with 2-3 days’ notice.
  • In general there will be no storage available for items not being relocated. If storage is required for legal or other compelling reasons, the Faculty Services Team will organise this, but it will be at the School/Area expense. End dates for stored material will be required to ensure material is not kept longer than required.
  • All materials left in vacated areas will be disposed of by the Faculty, at the School/Area’s expense. Salvage and recycling will be considered depending on resource and time constraints.

Find out more about the AHMS PaperLite project.

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