Congratulations to ARC Future Fellows!

A/Professor Megan Warin is a HealthyLaws research team member and Dr Emma Baker a HealthyLaws Advisory Committee Member. Both are academics at the University of Adelaide.

We are delighted that A/Professor Warin and Dr Baker have received Australian Research Council Future Fellowships and warmly congratulate them on their success.

Below are details of each project.

Future Fellow: Associate Professor Megan Warin – School of Social Sciences, The University of Adelaide

Summary: There is growing recognition of the need for new ways to tackle the obesity problem, and for forms of intervention that move beyond the limitations of individual behavioural changes. This project provides a paradigm for re-orientating how we have come to know obesity by investigating the cultural and institutional processes that shape everyday food and activity practices. Understanding and intervening in these dynamics of social practice are central to the challenges of reversing trends in the prevalence of obesity.

ARC funding: $789,729 over four years.

Future Fellow: Dr Emma Baker – Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, The University of Adelaide

Summary: Australia is currently in a housing crisis, with many escalating problems, including poor affordability, chronic undersupply, homelessness, insecurity in the private rental market and a shrinking public housing sector. While some Australians are unaffected, increasing numbers of already vulnerable people experience multiple housing problems. This project aims to develop a new theoretical framework for focusing on Australians who experience multiple housing problems. It aims to identify who will be affected, how this will play out on individual health and wellbeing, and how governments can best respond. It will provide essential evidence and intervention tools for understanding and improving the lives of the most vulnerable.

ARC funding: $661,414 over four years

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