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Health messages

Are we getting consistent health messages from our health practitioners. A recent finding from our citizens’ jury is that some health practitioners might be sending confusing messages to their patients, For example, one participant reported that they had been advised by the dentist not to breastfeed as their is sugar in breast milk. This is […]

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Population Health Congress 2015

Dr Dylan Coleman and Dr Jackie Street presented work from the HealthyViews project at the Population Health Congress in Hobart September 6-9, 2015. The two talks were as follows: Street JM, Coleman D, Abdulla C, Hanson L, Motlik J. HealthyViews: Aboriginal community perspectives on what governments can do to help children eat healthy and be […]

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HealthyLaws Citizens’ Jury

In April, the HealthyLaws team conducted a 2.5 day citizens’ jury with a diverse group of South Australian citizens. The jury was asked “What laws, if any, should we have in Australia to address childhood obesity?”. They interacted with a range of experts including nutritionists, lawyers, ethicists, a health economist and experts presenting¬† ‘industry’ and […]

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