This is a blog about public perspectives on the use of regulation and law for obesity prevention. It is written primarily by Jackie Street PhD with occasional posts by members of the HealthyLaws team.

 What is the HealthyLaws Project?

The HealthyLaws project is a program of research focused on public perspectives on the use of regulation and law for obesity prevention in Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations.

The HealthyLaws project addresses childhood and youth overweight and obesity. Our approach involves the use of a range of methodologies including systematic review methods, analysis of public debate, survey of public opinion, case-study analyses, ethical and legal analyses and deliberative inclusive methods. This blog introduces the HealthyLaws project and encourages discussions around childhood obesity prevention.

This project aims to contribute to the body of existing knowledge in this area by assessing the potential impact of proposed health policies using regulation and law and by identifying impediments and/or facilitators to the successful translation and uptake of evidence-based preventive health interventions using regulation and law.

The primary focus of our large multi-disciplinary team is on translation of evidence‐based preventive health interventions into policy and practice and the inclusion of community values in policy development.

A similar project linked to the HealthyLaws project is the HealthyViews project which focuses exclusively on Aboriginal community views on the use of regulation and law to support healthy weight in children.

You can see a prezi presentation of the process and findings from the citizens’ jury here